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image.gif (10410 bytes)  Air Vietnam

Air Vietnam

Officially a commercial carrier with domestic and international routes. This airline began in 1951 and flew through the end of the war.   It often shared hanger space with CASI as well as an undefined commercial relationship.

Air VN crew were civilians and many were ex-military (VNAF retirees), some were Americans. Air VN flew a variety of aircraft including DC-3s, DC-4s and Boeing 727s.  It leased one C-46 from China Airlines. This aircraft had different colors and was flown by a Chinese crew. Air VN also flew Cessna 170's on small-town routes throughout Vietnam. Maintenance was done by CASI and Air VN with some heavy engine overhaul and other maintenance done in Hong Kong and Taiwan by the Air Asia Co., Ltd. and China Airlines.  Click here for a brief history of Air Vietnam.

Air Vietnam Pilot Wing Air Vietnam Pilot Wing Variation
(note pin)
viet.jpg (14350 bytes)AirVietPilotBack.jpg (25704 bytes) alt-AVNwing2.jpg (40621 bytes)alt-AVNwing.jpg (21559 bytes)
Air Vietnam Bullion Pilot Wing Air Vietnam Bullion Cap Badge
avn001.JPG (132687 bytes)
Courtesy Moyer Collection
avn003.JPG (135553 bytes)
Courtesy Moyer Collection
avn002.JPG (140416 bytes)
Courtesy Moyer Collection
button2.jpg (157466 bytes)button2-back.jpg (144375 bytes)
Courtesy Flying Tiger Antiques
Air Vietnam ID Card Unknown Air Vietnam Beer Can (1-inch tall)
avn-id.jpg (67449 bytes)   avn-id2.jpg (67063 bytes) pin.jpg (30850 bytes)
Air Vietnam Commemorative Beer Can (1-inch tall) Air Vietnam Souvenir Key Fob
af95_1.JPG (30315 bytes)b02d_1.JPG (20358 bytes) key-fob.jpg (37037 bytes)key-fob-back.jpg (41979 bytes)
Courtesy Flying Tiger Antiques
Air Vietnam Probably Cap or Employee Badge Air Vietnam Counter Agent's Badge
badge-front.jpg (44146 bytes)badge-back.jpg (32007 bytes)
Courtesy Flying Tiger Antiques
agent-front.jpg (31826 bytes)
agent-back.jpg (34012 bytes)
Courtesy Flying Tiger Antiques
Air Vietnam Crew Air Vietnam Crew
AVN-crew2.jpg (69377 bytes)
AVN Officers and Stewardess of a picked AVN Crew that flew the Vietnamese Vice President and Staff to the Paris Peace Accords in 1969. Seen here at the airport at a stopover in Athens, Greece.
Photo Courtesy of Major Hoi B. Tran VNAF, First Officer AVN, Ret.
AVN-crew1.jpg (80844 bytes)
AVN Officers (Dark Blue Uniforms) with the VP's Staff (Light Uniforms & Civies) in front of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece during the stopover.

Photo Courtesy of Major Hoi B. Tran VNAF, First Officer AVN, Ret.
Air Vietnam Stews Air Vietnam Stews
avn-stew.jpg (115702 bytes)avn-stew4.jpg (95258 bytes) AVN-stews.jpg (36169 bytes)avn-stew2.jpg (38826 bytes)
Air Vietnam 707 Cabin Safety Guide Air Vietnam 727 Cabin Safety Guide
AirVietnam707safety.jpg (1224647 bytes) AirVietnam727safety.jpg (835299 bytes)
Air Vietnam Counter Air Vietnam Ramp and Bus
airvietcounter.jpg (44406 bytes) airvietload.jpg (40119 bytes)avn-bus.jpg (47517 bytes)
Air Vietnam Stewardess Wing Front Air Vietnam Stewardess Wing Back
AirVietStew.jpg (35088 bytes) AirVietStewBack.jpg (45554 bytes)
Air Vietnam Plate and Silverware
by Noritake
Air Vietnam Ashtray
avnplate.jpg (78770 bytes) spoon-fork.jpg (339776 bytes)
Silverware Courtesy of Jeff Harshman
avnash.jpg (82083 bytes) ash2.jpg (28027 bytes)
Air Vietnam Matchbook
IATA Info on Air Vietnam 1974 Air Vietnam Schedule
iata-AVN.jpg (545795 bytes) air-viet-schede-1974.jpg (109303 bytes)
Official Airline Guide, July 1953 Edition Air Vietnam Ticket Packet
Air-Vietnam.jpg (618676 bytes)
Courtesy D. Nelson
set.jpg (169700 bytes)
Air Vietnam Agenda Book Air Vietnam Agenda Book
agenda.jpg (76986 bytes) agenda1.jpg (32778 bytes)
agenda2.jpg (56436 bytes) agenda3.jpg (74954 bytes) agenda4.jpg (58555 bytes)
Air Vietnam Advertisements Air Vietnam Advertisements
(one for Bristol aircraft!)

 air-viet-ad.jpg (43894 bytes) 83_3.JPG (73335 bytes) air-viet-ad2.jpg (379266 bytes)

caravelle1.jpg (65354 bytes)  caravelle2.jpg (64738 bytes) bristol-ad.jpg (314010 bytes)avn-advert.jpg (82356 bytes)
Air Vietnam Charter for Flight to Phomh Penh International Timetable (Printed)
18 June 1974
charter-front.jpg (176695 bytes)charter-back.jpg (276093 bytes) international.jpg (173109 bytes)
Air Vietnam First Day Cover Air Vietnam Offices
img297.jpg (111942 bytes) offices.jpg (157484 bytes)
Air Vietnam Telephone Pad Air Vietnam Telephone Pad
airvietpad.jpg (17040 bytes) airvietpad2.jpg (18609 bytes)
Air Vietnam Postcard (front) Air Vietnam Postcard (back)
rvncardfront.jpg (23579 bytes) rvncardback.jpg (15745 bytes)
Air Vietnam Postcard (Dalat) Air Vietnam Postcard (Saigon)
postcard1.jpg (95621 bytes) postcard2.jpg (274595 bytes)
Air Vietnam Postcards Air Vietnam Postcards
16.jpg (21850 bytes) 727.jpg (57212 bytes)
Vietnam5.jpg (95959 bytes) Vietnam4.jpg (99608 bytes)
air-viet.jpg (532124 bytes) Vietnam1.jpg (252244 bytes)
Air Vietnam Ticket -- 1956!
1956-Ticket.jpg (102041 bytes)
Air Vietnam Tickets (front) Air Vietnam Tickets (back)
ticketfront.jpg (48041 bytes)
airvnjack.jpg (57691 bytes)
36.jpg (37225 bytes)
37.jpg (38528 bytes)
ticketback.jpg (63183 bytes)
airvnjack2.jpg (69016 bytes)
Air Vietnam Ticket Hong Kong Entry Documents
from Air Vietnam
doc1b.jpg (70503 bytes)doc1a.jpg (77560 bytes)doc1c.jpg (69649 bytes)doc1d.jpg (128195 bytes) doc2a.jpg (130666 bytes)doc4.jpg (82805 bytes)doc3.jpg (102626 bytes)doc3a.jpg (82936 bytes)
Air Vietnam Ticket Jackets Air Vietnam Ticket Jackets
ticket-jacket.jpg (134846 bytes) ticket-jacket-inside.jpg (124153 bytes)
avnjak2.jpg (26114 bytes) avnjak.jpg (37509 bytes)
Air Vietnam Envelope Air Vietnam Ticket Cover
ticket.jpg (49831 bytes) ticket-cover.jpg (55595 bytes)
Air Vietnam Coaster Air Vietnam Swizzle Stick
coaster1.jpg (22701 bytes)coaster2.jpg (12900 bytes) 0af5_1.JPG (13193 bytes)
Air Vietnam Patches Front Air Vietnam Patches Back
mvc-430s.jpg (84247 bytes) mvc-431s.jpg (77106 bytes)
AVN-Patch2.jpg (46027 bytes) AVN-Patch.jpg (49235 bytes)
Reproductions of the Same! Reproductions of the Same!
repro2.JPG (40130 bytes) repro-1.JPG (24951 bytes)
Air Vietnam Passengers Air Vietnam Menu
passengers.jpg (71902 bytes)b menu.jpg (75860 bytes)
Air Vietnam Menus Air Vietnam Menus
avnmenus.jpg (105922 bytes) avnmenu.jpg (66766 bytes) caravelle-menu.jpg (72749 bytes)
Air Vietnam Miscellaneous Items Including: Keychain, Uniform Buttons, Letter Opener, Unknown Beercan, and Souvenir Items plus bag check and 727 Brochure and Travel Show Banner.
avmisc.jpg (163993 bytes)  34.jpg (37828 bytes)   33.jpg (47284 bytes) Air-Viet-Banner.JPG (25529 bytes)
Air Vietnam Souvenir Folder
Courtesy of Jeff Harshman
folder-1.JPG (271670 bytes) folder-2.JPG (177914 bytes)
folder-3.JPG (179988 bytes) folder-4.JPG (171120 bytes)
Air Vietnam Souvenir Bags Air Vietnam Souvenir Bags
M328_1.jpg (15886 bytes) newbag.jpg (49521 bytes)
M328_2.jpg (16665 bytes) air-viet-bag.jpg (45783 bytes)
bag1.jpg (48716 bytes)bag2.jpg (44695 bytes) avn-bag-plaid.jpg (125760 bytes) plaid-bag.jpg (70171 bytes) N8511F-a.jpg (89546 bytes)
blueb.jpg (31768 bytes)redf.jpg (41061 bytes) all.jpg (28978 bytes)
9dbb_1.JPG (20453 bytes)    suitcase.jpg (16516 bytes) vari-bag.jpg (100092 bytes)
Unusual Bag with Reversed Logo Air Vietnam Bags (possible copies)
odd-bag.jpg (149483 bytes) strange.jpg (17356 bytes)
avn-bag3.jpg (27336 bytes)
Air Vietnam Calendar Air Vietnam Calendar
airvietnam1.jpg (232420 bytes)
Courtesy: http://grunts.free.fr/
airvietnam2.jpg (212778 bytes)
Courtesy: http://grunts.free.fr/
Air Vietnam In-Flight Magazine Air Viet T-Shirt (current from England)
airvietmag.jpg (18929 bytes) airvietshirt.gif (74378 bytes)
Air Vietnam Luggage Tags
(Flight 768 was the two day a week
(TUE & SUNDAY) roundtrip flight from
Saigon (SGN) to Bangkok (BKK) )
Air Vietnam Radio Tube Tag
32.jpg (36027 bytes) air-vn.gif (307193 bytes)

luggagetag.jpg (106657 bytes) avn-bag-tags.jpg (46488 bytes) tag.jpg (153316 bytes)

  avn-tag1.jpg (306093 bytes)   avn-tag2.jpg (223986 bytes)


RadioTubes.jpg (31116 bytes)
Copy Air Vietnam Luggage Tag Air Vietnam In-Flight Comic Book
M11.jpg (7111 bytes) comic-cover.jpg (230405 bytes) comic-c2.jpg (339612 bytes)
Air Vietnam Constellation Model
I was in Bangkok right after the fall of Saigon and was walking down Pat Pong Road when i passed the office of Air Viet Nam. The South Vietnamese employees were In a panic to get all they wanted out. I went in and saw a made to scale model of the Caravelle with Air Viet Nam markings on it that had been given to Air Viet Nam by the French company that made the aircraft. I asked for it and they told me to take it.

Pictures taken by Dave Willis,Boardman, Ohio.
Owner of Model Captain Tom Taus, Las Vegas, NV

CIMG4686.JPG (55161 bytes) CIMG4688.JPG (49516 bytes)CIMG4687.JPG (55489 bytes)
CIMG4689.JPG (52385 bytes) CIMG4696.JPG (52096 bytes)
CIMG4697.JPG (28864 bytes) CIMG4695.JPG (39198 bytes)CIMG4693.JPG (28334 bytes)
Air Vietnam Constellation Model
connie.jpg (43191 bytes)connie3.jpg (66610 bytes) connie2.jpg (64916 bytes)
Air Vietnam Model
avn-top.jpg (74680 bytes)avn-side.jpg (78294 bytes)avn-front.jpg (61955 bytes)avn-back.jpg (72181 bytes)

Air Vietnam Cap

Air Vietnam Document
021AIRNAMHAT.JPG (32517 bytes) avn-doc.jpg (183519 bytes)
Air Vietnam Poster
001_big.jpg (38839 bytes)


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Air Vietnam Aircraft Air Vietnam Timetables
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