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image.gif (10410 bytes)  Air Vietnam Aircraft

Air Vietnam Aircraft

Officially a commercial carrier with domestic and international routes. This airline began in 1951 and flew through the end of the war.   It often shared hanger space with CASI as well as an undefined commercial relationship.

Air VN crew were civilians and many were ex-military (VNAF retirees), some were Americans. Air VN flew a variety of aircraft including DC-3s, DC-4s and Boeing 727s.  It leased one C-46 from China Airlines. This aircraft had different colors and was flown by a Chinese crew. Air VN also flew Cessna 170's on small-town routes throughout Vietnam. Maintenance was done by CASI and Air VN with some heavy engine overhaul and other maintenance done in Hong Kong and Taiwan by the Air Asia Co., Ltd. and China AIrlines.

Many of these photographs are from http://www.VNAF.net Please visit their site for more information.
Also, please visit a great Air Vietnam site at http://www.geocities.com/airvietnamairlines

Unknown Air Vietnam Aircraft
plane.jpg (29224 bytes)
Air Vietnam DC-3
Courtesy Peter A. Bird
Air Vietnam DC-4
Courtesy Peter A. Bird
avdc3.jpg (41153 bytes)avn-dc3.jpg (44303 bytes) airvn_1.jpg (60652 bytes)
Air Vietnam DC-6
Copyright 2003 J. Harlowe
Air Vietnam C-46 flown/leased by China Airlines and flown by China Airlines Crew
Copyright 2003 J. Harlowe
airvn_3.jpg (43995 bytes)avn-3.jpg (42358 bytes)avn-pr.jpg (16972 bytes) airvn_4.jpg (41496 bytes)
Air Vietnam Boeing 727 Air Vietnam DC-4
airvn727.jpg (29271 bytes)va1.jpg (14968 bytes)
avn727a.jpg (96732 bytes)Picture1.jpg (63950 bytes)
airvn_5.jpg (94658 bytes)avn-1.jpg (51763 bytes)
Air Vietnam Last Paint Scheme Air Vietnam Last Paint Scheme
XV-NUP.jpg (47480 bytes) avn707-postcard.jpg (77617 bytes) va02.jpg (47599 bytes)
Air Vietnam Caravelle Model Air Vietnam Caravelle
cara.jpg (36505 bytes) XV-NJA.jpg (107847 bytes)
Air Vietnam 707s
PH50228.jpg (53099 bytes) HJG 707-331 Air Vietnam XV-NJD 1975.jpg (106287 bytes)


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