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aalogo.gif (8304 bytes)  Air America Caps/Helmets

The Basic Black Ball Cap

This is the basic, black cotton baseball cap. Points to look for:

There is a  copy of this cap made for the movie Air America that you sometimes see.  It has the "American" snap-strap in the back.   I've also seen these in tailored caps with bullion and/or embroidered badge.  Be careful.

Did you know that this hat was also made without the bamboo leaves on the brim -- maybe for non-flying personnel?  Again, there is war-time footage of these being worn with and without bamboo on the brim.  If anyone can find me one I'd greatly appreciate it!

The Flight Helmet

Helmets were worn by rotary-wing pilots and crew as well as by a few of the fixed wing pilots. Helmets were standard government issue helmets. Original issue was white -- until it became apparent that these were great aiming points. Soon the white helmets were painted dark blue and eventually the OD green helmet become standard. There was apparently some leeway in decoration of the helmets. Some photos show "Air America" across the brim in silver or white on a dark blue helmet. These are believed to have been masked off when the white helmets were painted blue.  Pilot's names were often painted in small letters on the back.. The OD green helmet shown was issued to a pilot when leaving the country(!) after he turned in his old helmet.

Baseball Cap in Use

Baseball Cap in Use

uni2.JPG (13064 bytes)

uni_small.JPG (4053 bytes)

Variation Baseball Cap

Variation Baseball Cap

cap.jpg (47892 bytes)

rbad.jpg (44704 bytes)

insiderim.jpg (49557 bytes)

insidehat.jpg (45895 bytes)

brim1.JPG (55122 bytes) brim2.JPG (52599 bytes)
Original Cap Brim Reproduction Cap Brim
brim2.JPG (52599 bytes) AAm1A.jpg (36590 bytes)
Variation Original Cap (Note Yellowed Shield) Variation Original Cap (Note Yellowed Shield)
cap-yellow.jpg (40136 bytes) shield-y2.jpg (59113 bytes)yellowshield.jpg (15996 bytes)
cap-yellow-in.jpg (47417 bytes) shield-y.jpg (61917 bytes)
You can also view this cap on the CIA's website by clicking here
csi20.jpg (13411 bytes)

APH5 Late Issue Helmet

Late APH5 Issue Helmet

helmet3.jpg (14007 bytes) helmet2.jpg (30392 bytes)

Mid-Issue Helmet  
Blue Painted Over White to Reduce "Target"

Early 5 Issue Helmet
helmet.jpg (31649 bytes) pilots4.jpg (50139 bytes)
Mid-Issue Helmet 
Blue Painted Over White to Reduce "Target"
Note how "Air America" was masked off before the helmet was painted blue!
Photos courtesy of SwampFox Militaria and Collectibles
aa0002.JPG (275190 bytes) aa0005.JPG (260194 bytes)
aa0007.JPG (301782 bytes) aa0003.JPG (281441 bytes)
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