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casi.gif (1585 bytes)  CASI Uniforms

Continental Air Services, Inc.

Not an Air America, Inc. or Pacific Corporation subsidiary -- but Continental Airlines' contribution to the war effort.  CASI flew transports and even support missions in Laos and other countries. CASI uniforms were a uniform khaki color, locally made in different parts of Laos, Thailand or Vietnam. Some shirts are 2-pocket, others are 4-pocket safari-type jackets. Wings were both US-made and Laotion-made and were worn in Vietnam but not in Laos.

First Pattern Pilot's Uniforms First Pattern Pilot's Uniforms
uniform.jpg (13678 bytes)    casi-1st.jpg (62441 bytes)
acasiuni2.jpg (46965 bytes) acasiuni3.jpg (40708 bytes)
dorn.jpg (39561 bytes)24.jpg (107707 bytes) casi-2ndb.jpg (54034 bytes)uniform1.jpg (19401 bytes)
First Pattern Pilot's Uniform Shirt
(all were tailor-made)
Courtesy Capt. D. Kouba
First Pattern Pilot's Uniform Shirt
(wing reinforcement)
casi-shirt2.jpg (95844 bytes) casi-reinfor.jpg (38479 bytes)
casi-shirt4.jpg (58321 bytes) 1stcasi2.jpg (51736 bytes)1stcasi2a.jpg (70932 bytes)
Capt. Kouba wearing First Pattern Shirt at LS-69
Note: Wing, Epps and Cross Pens in Pocket
CASI-LS-69.jpg (93149 bytes) casi-set4.jpg (61939 bytes)
CASI Flight Line - Saigon - Tan Son Nhut
Note shared hanger with Air Vietnam
CASI Flight Ops and Gun Locker
Saigon - Tan Son Nhut
casi-saig.jpg (30233 bytes) saigon-ops.jpg (20682 bytes) saigon-gun-locker.jpg (277776 bytes)
CASI First Pattern Uniform CASI Crew in Laos -- LIMA site
safari.jpg (30574 bytes) casi-lima.jpg (32618 bytes)
casi-tarmak.jpg (118164 bytes) casi-9.jpg (323597 bytes)
casi1.jpg (43121 bytes) casi2.jpg (24167 bytes)
casi3.jpg (30794 bytes) casi4.JPG (79581 bytes)
casi5.JPG (61466 bytes) casi6.jpg (77918 bytes)
Second and Final Pattern
Pilot's Uniforms
casi-2nd.jpg (61402 bytes)   casi-2ndc.jpg (64302 bytes)   casi-2nda.jpg (63248 bytes)
Second Pattern Pilot's Uniform Shirt
(all were tailor-made)
Courtesy Capt. D. Kouba
2ndcasid.jpg (250163 bytes)2ndcasia.jpg (49661 bytes) 2ndcasi.jpg (42357 bytes)
2ndcasib.jpg (46559 bytes) 2ndcasic.jpg (36849 bytes)
Capt. Kouba wearing Second Pattern Shirt at Long Tieng on the Last Day
Note: Lack of wings or other insignia
LAST-DAY.jpg (95294 bytes)2ndcasie.jpg (57000 bytes)
Basketball Team
casi-basketball2.jpg (395831 bytes) casi-basketball.jpg (147398 bytes)

Pilot's Gold Bracelet
This bracelet was made in Vientiane, Laos in Dec. of 1966.
Many pilots -- both CASI and AAM -- wore gold bracelets as an escape or bailout fund.
It was thought that the links could be "broken off"
and traded for services such as food or safe transport.

Gold worn as jewelry in most of Laos is generally considered to be a
persons personal religious object and it is not proper to steal such an item.
It is proper to give personal gold jewelry as payment in return for items
or services since it is given to another voluntarily.

goldbrac.jpg (53125 bytes)



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