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Civil Air Transport

Existing before and during the Air America period, CAT was the premier airline for China and much of the East.  Legends abound and you'd have to read the books and stories -- and maybe then not believe them!

These CAT pages are dedicated to the memory of Ben F. Coleman (11/16/28-7/25/72) who died while flying a humanitarian mission in Laos in 1972.  But for the sacrifices of men like Ben Coleman and the 242 others who didn't return these pages wouldn't be necessary or possible.  Please visit Leigh (Coleman) Hotujec's pages after you leave here. Thank you Leigh for the gift of your father's images.

CAT Service Medal
(Created by CAT Veterans)
CIA Citation
CATMedal.jpg (44108 bytes) CIA_Citation.jpg (1875946 bytes)
Official CIA Medal Official CIA Medal
coin_f.jpg (26483 bytes) coin_b.jpg (24735 bytes)
CAT Founders
cat-founders.jpg (68439 bytes)  10836.jpg (17905 bytes)
CAT ID Card and Pin from Shanghai -- 1948 CAT ID Card and Pin from Shanghai -- 1948
cat-card1.jpg (89767 bytes)cat-pin-back.jpg (48169 bytes) cat-card2.jpg (51827 bytes)cat-pin-front.jpg (58279 bytes)
CAT ID and Pin -- 1954 -- Note difference in employee numbers!
card-pin.jpg (92357 bytes)
Early CAT ID Pin #104 CAT ID Pin #600 CAT ID Pin #6289
employee-pin2.jpg (50800 bytes)employee-pinA.jpg (33763 bytes)logo.jpg (104175 bytes)CAT-shield.jpg (208454 bytes) employee-pin600.jpg (50648 bytes)
employee-pinB.jpg (48059 bytes)
employee-pin.jpg (46229 bytes)
employee-pinC.jpg (37101 bytes)
Early CAT Nose Insignia
C46B.jpg (104519 bytes)  cat-nose2.jpg (70400 bytes)  cat-nose.jpg (75187 bytes)
Early CAT Collar Pins
Maker is Chung Mei Kung Sy (Chinese America Company)
img603.jpg (78373 bytes) img604a.jpg (125285 bytes)
img607.jpg (97889 bytes) img607a.jpg (102998 bytes)
CAT ID -- Later CAT ID -- Later
cat-card3.jpg (67819 bytes) cat-card4.jpg (63375 bytes)
CAT Resident Alien ID
alien1.jpg (99791 bytes) alien2.jpg (134551 bytes) alien3.jpg (114808 bytes)
CAT Chinese Airman Certificate
cat-china-air.jpg (102174 bytes) cat-china-air-2.jpg (68552 bytes)
CAT Early Business Card
CAT Later Business Card
older-biz-card.jpg (54840 bytes) Cat-Card-Back.jpg (33082 bytes) later-biz-card.jpg (32651 bytes)
Official Airline Guide, July 1953 Edition
Civil-Air.jpg (474001 bytes)
Courtesy D. Nelson
CAT Uniform -- 1948
1948.jpg (123473 bytes)
CAT Uniform -- 1956 CAT Cap -- 1956
CAT-1956-UNI.jpg (270286 bytes) CAT-1956-CAP.jpg (156869 bytes)
CAT Ramp Crew -- 1956 CAT Maintenance Crew
cat-ramp-1956.jpg (195345 bytes) cat-maint-1956.jpg (184872 bytes)
Ben F. Coleman in CAT Uniform Ben F. Coleman in CAT Uniform
dadcat1.jpg (19324 bytes) dadcat2.jpg (79007 bytes)
   Issue CAT Flight Kit Ben F. Coleman's CAT Uniform Items
    catbag2.JPG (40802 bytes) hardware.JPG (80684 bytes)
Class A Uniform as Worn by CAT Crews
(same as AAM -- only hardware was switched)
catcrewman.jpg (97000 bytes) catcrew.jpg (75931 bytes)
Early CAT Uniform -- Note "Ike" Jackets Later CAT Class A
cat-stews.jpg (44759 bytes) cat-uniform.jpg (139242 bytes)
Mandarin Flight Crew
cat-cockpit.jpg (43818 bytes)
The Mandarin Flight Was So Popular It Made It Into the Comics!
buzsawyer.jpg (118608 bytes)
catdc-4.jpg (47358 bytes) cat-equip.jpg (39293 bytes)
Courtesy of Ward Reimer
CAT Office Tan Son Nhut
(circa 1958)
CAT Incorporated Aircraft Maintenance Board
cat-building.jpg (33790 bytes)
Courtesy of Ward Reimer
cat-inc.jpg (63130 bytes)
Courtesy of Ward Reimer
CAT Headquarters -- Taipei CAT Terminal--Taipei
cat-building2.jpg (68322 bytes) cat-ops.jpg (35009 bytes)
CAT Security CAT Maintenance
cat-security.jpg (105011 bytes) cat-maint.jpg (58221 bytes)
Reproduction CIA Medal Reproduction CIA Medal
aa.jpg (13289 bytes) ab.jpg (18374 bytes)
End of CAT
IMAGE6.jpg (511448 bytes) IMAGE7.jpg (159283 bytes)


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