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cat.gif (22361 bytes)  CAT Wings and Uniform Items 

Civil Air Transport

Existing before and during the Air America period, CAT was the premier airline for China and much of the East.  Legends abound and you'd have to read the books and stories -- and maybe then not believe them!

2nd Model CAT Captain/Pilot in Command (PIC) Wing
cat-early.jpg (77721 bytes)
CourtesyTD Clinton
Early, Matching Cap Badges
wing1.JPG (140194 bytes) badge-box1.jpg (155299 bytes)badge-box2.JPG (95444 bytes)badge-box.jpg (97923 bytes)
Early, Matching Long Service Pins
cat-long-service2.jpg (28123 bytes)
CAT Captain/Pilot in Command (PIC) Wing
(first model shirt size wings and full-size Class A wing)
cat-pair.jpg (66750 bytes)
CAT First Officer Wing CAT First Officer Wing
(Note Replaced Posts)
catpilot.JPG (47567 bytes) catpilotback.JPG (35007 bytes)
CAT Captain/Pilot in Command (PIC) Wing (in original packaging)
cat-pic-bag.jpg (70687 bytes)cat-pic.jpg (76803 bytes)  cat-pic-bag2.jpg (66130 bytes)
CAT Senior Captain Wing`
(from Ben F. Coleman Collection)
CAT Senior Captain Wing
(from Ben F. Coleman Collection)
catcapt3.jpg (53489 bytes)    catcapt.jpg (34151 bytes)
Early CAT Stew Wing Early CAT Stew Wing
catstew2.jpg (35910 bytes) catstew1.jpg (13647 bytes)
Wing Backs - note differences
Pa220071.jpg (36312 bytes)cat-back.jpg (102690 bytes)
1st Model CAT Incorporated Uniform Buttons
1st Model CAT Wing Made into AAM Wing
CAT Uniform Buttons
(note early logo on overcoat buttons at top and note maker)
cat-buttons2.jpg (225350 bytes) danbury.jpg (148100 bytes)
CAT Uniforms CAT Uniforms
1954.jpg (103272 bytes) cat-crew-4.jpg (84457 bytes)
catcrew.jpg (31243 bytes) cat-crew-2.jpg (115694 bytes)
catcrew1.jpg (43686 bytes) catcrew=3.jpg (118200 bytes)
cat-traffic-1956.jpg (157372 bytes) capt.jpg (160056 bytes)
cat-capt2.jpg (81300 bytes) cat-crew-3.jpg (133255 bytes)
cat-bus.jpg (89568 bytes) Cateria.jpg (156034 bytes)
Early CAT Long Service Pins
(For 10 and 15 Years Service)
Later CAT Long Service Pin
cat-long-service2.jpg (63057 bytes) Bulletin-Badge.jpg (23631 bytes) cat-long-service.jpg (24036 bytes)
CAT Tie Clip CAT Belt Buckle
CAT-Tie-Clip 2.jpg (19033 bytes) catbuckle.jpg (51706 bytes)
Private Purchase Tie Clip
(very early)
Private Purchase Tie Clip (Back)
(very early)
catpin.JPG (10754 bytes)
Courtesy of Ward Reimer
catpipback.JPG (16164 bytes)
Courtesy of Ward Reimer
CAT Uniform Patch -- note snaps
catpatch-front.jpg (133937 bytes) cat-patch2-back.jpg (121073 bytes)


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