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aalogo.gif (8304 bytes)  Items Needed to Photograph/Document  

Announcing -- a new book
Air America, Inc. and Airlines of the Vietnam War.
Slower than normal progress -- Sorry all.

This book will include not only Air America, Inc. but all of the sister and subsidiary companies.
  I have recently expanded this to include Continental Air Services, Inc. (CASI) and other Asian airlines. 

If you have any of the following items (or any not listed) in your closet, attic, junk drawer
or personal collection and would be willing to allow me to measure and photograph these
for the up-coming book please email me for more details.

If you can supply digital or paper photographs for use on this website I would greatly
appreciate it.  Thank you in advance.

Items Needed to Photograph for Upcoming Book --

Found and/or Located

Flight Jackets and Insignia

CAT Issue -- Flight Jackets           
CAT Private Purchase Flight Jackets          
AAM Issue -- Flight Jackets   
AAM Ex-Military Issue -- Carryover Flight Jackets


CASI -- Flight Jacket   

Pilot Shirt/Pants Sets and Insignia

CAT --Issue – 2 pocket   
AAM - Issue  -- 2 pocket Found!
AAM -- Private Purchase -- 2 pocket


CASI -- Shirt or Jacket and Pants (1st and 2nd issue)


Kicker and/or Crew Uniforms and Insignia

CAT -- Crew Issue                    
AAM -- Crew Issue                Found!    
AAM -- Crew Issue Jacket/Pants


AAM -- Crew Issue 2-Pocket Shirt


CASI -- Crew Issue


Ground Crew Uniforms and Insignia -- CAT/AAM/Air Asia

CAT Issue Maintenance Supervisor -- 2-Pocket Shirt Found!
AAM -- One Piece Coveralls -- grey/green with AAM on back                Found!
AAM -- One Piece Coveralls -- white with AAM on back


AAM -- Two-Piece Jacket/Pants -- white w/red AAM on back

Jacket Found!

 AAM -- Two-Piece Coverall - grey/green with AAM on back


Class A/Formal Uniforms and Insignia -- Regular Passenger Runs


CAT -- Jacket/Shirt/Tie/Pants  Found!
AAM -- Jacket/Shirt/Tie/Pants Found!
SAT -- Jacket/Shirt/Tie/Pants Found!

Steward/Stewardess Uniforms and Insignia

CAT -- Stewardess Jacket/Blouse/Skirt   
AAM -- Stewardess Jacket/Blouse/Skirt                         
AAM -- Senior Stewardess Pin Found!
AAM -- Stewardess Wing Found!
CAT -- Stewardess Wing Found!
CAT -- Mandarin Flight Stewardess Wing Found!
SAT -- Senior Stewardess Wing Found!

Rain Gear -- Hat Covers, Rain Coats, etc.


Fire Crew Gear -- UDN/VTE/SGN?

Silver Suits                  
Fire/Heat Resistant Suits                  

Visor Caps

CAT --


SAT --


AAM -- with "bamboo" brim insignia


AAM -- without "bamboo" brim insignia Found!

Baseball Caps

AAM -- with "bamboo" brim insignia (standard and early found) Found!
AAM -- without "bamboo" brim insignia (standard and early found) Found!
ICCS  Air Services, Inc. -- with oak-leaves brim insignia Found!
ICCS Air Services, Inc. -- without brim insignia Found!
CASI -- Issue without brim insignia Found!

Flight Helmets

AAM Issue -- Blue/Silver               
AAM Issue -- APH5 -- Green Found!

Miscellaneous Headgear

CAT -- Stewardess Cap               
SAT -- Stewardess Cap
AAM -- Stewardess Cap
CAT -- Ground Crew Caps -- Green with red CAT               
AAM -- Ground Crew Caps -- Green with red AAM Found!
AAM -- Ground Crew Caps -- White with red AAM Found!


CAT/CATI -- Chief Pilot/Captain (star and wreath) Found!
CAT/CATI -- Captain (single star) Found!
CAT/CATI -- First Officer        Found!      
CAT/CATI -- Stewardess Found!
CAT/CATI -- Woven Captain Found!
AAM -- Chief Pilot/Captain (star and wreath) - Shirt Size Found!
AAM -- Chief Pilot/Captain (star and wreath) - Class A
AAM -- Captain (single star) - Shirt Size Found!
AAM -- Captain (single star) - Class A Found!
AAM -- First Officer - Shirt Size Found!
AAM -- First Officer - Class A Found!
AAM -- Crew Member - Shirt Size Found!
AAM -- Crew Member - Class A Found!
AAM -- Senior Stewardess (single star) - Class A Found!
AAM -- Stewardess - Class A Found!
ICCS -- Chief Pilot/Captain (star and wreath)               
ICCS -- Captain (single star)


ICCS -- First Officer


ICCS -- Crew Member


SAT -- Chief Pilot/Captain (star and wreath)


SAT -- Captain (single star)


SAT -- First Officer


SAT -- Senior Stewardess (single star)


CASI -- Captain Wings -- Early


CASI -- Captain Wings -- Late


Metal Cap Badges

CAT -- Early (Chinese Sunburst) Found!
CAT -- Later (Broken Letters) Found!
AAM -- 2nd Pattern Sterling with Post-Back


AAM -- 1st Pattern with Post-Back Found!
SAT -- Gold-Colored Found!

Cloth Cap Badges



AAM -- Embroidered


AAM -- Woven-Thread


CASI -- Embroidered


ICCS -- Embroidered


Rank Insignia (Epaulettes)

AAM -- Senior Pilot/Captain (4 stripes)


AAM -- Captain (3 stripes)      
AAM -- First Officer (2 stripes)       
AAM -- Kicker (1 stripe)            
SAT -- Chief Pilot/Captain (4 stripes) Found!
SAT -- First Officer (3 stripes)   
SAT -- Flight Engineer (2 stripes) Found!
CASI -- Captain (4 stripes) Found!

Miscellaneous Patches/Insignia

Patch with Four Flags (private purchase)           Found!
Tan Son Nhut arc (private purchase) Found!
VTE-made AAM Shoulder Patch           Found!

Miscellaneous Equipment

Aircraft First Aid Kits AAM Found!
Survival Vests Found!
Flight Bags (CAT-Issue and AAM Laos-purchased) Found!

Paper Items

Passports/Stampings/Visas AAM Found!
Pilot Licenses – US, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand AAM & CASI Found!
Flight Logs – Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing AAM & CASI Found!
Proficiency Forms AAM Found!
W-2 Forms/Envelopes AAM Found!
Official Stationary AAM & CASI Found!
Manuals – Kickers, Pilots, Aircraft, etc. AAM Bell 204/205 Found!
Flights Tickets/Boarding Passes AAM Found!
Conditions of Carriage AAM Found!
Offers of Employment AAM & CASI Found!
Termination of Employment AAM Found!
Rendezvous Club Card - employee/dependent AAM Found!
AAM Mess Card - VTE Found!
Business Cards -- AAM/CAT/CASI CASI Found!
Uniform Regulation Manuals

Non-Paper Items

Luggage/Bag Tags Crew CAT & AAM Found!
Tie Tacs AAM Found!
AAM Long Service Pin Found!
CAT Long Service Pins (early and late) Found!
CASI Meritorious Service Medal Found!

Reproduction Items         

AAM Pilots Wings -- All Levels        Found!
AAM Pilots Baseball Caps Found!
AAM Cap Badges -- Metal and Cloth Found!
AAM Sterling Bracelets Found!
AAM Conditions of Carriage Booklets Found!
AAM Porcelain Mugs Found!
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